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Law Enforcements Advanced Pawn Database for Pawn Shop and Gold Buyer Transaction Recordings.
The Automated Regulatory Metals Database (ARMDTM), provided by PawnSafeBoxTM, is a secure and encrypted cloud-based hosted software-database solution that records, captures, searches, and locates pawn shop/precious metal/secondhand jewelry transactions and non-jewelry transactions (i.e. electronics, tools, televisions, any item)  in near real-time for Law Enforcement searches.  We are an SaaS (Software as a Service) company so support and updates are always included for our customers.
Pro-Active Law Enforcement Solutions are most effective when they involve victims, businesses, and police in a "360CSITM " (360 Crime Solving Integration).   We realize that crime solving and prevention is best when it involves community-wide collaboration and cooperation. Law enforcements ability to track stolen items sold to shops by reviewing pawn/precious metal slips and sales along with searching within any National Database only works for law enforcement and if the database is utilized.  This method of data mining and crime solving lacks a Pro-Active Law Enforcement Solution to property crimes and relies on the busy schedule of law enforcement to assist property crime victims.    

Creating a database that is a "360CSI" approach and integrates the assistance of pawn/precious metal shops, the police, along with integrating and enpowering victims to enter and search stolen items in a unique cross-searching database system allows police, businesses, and victims to work together like never before. 

Updated Integration for 2015 - Final Beta Testing is taking place for the integration of PawnSafeBox with other  proven internet based platforms for victims.  This integration will allow a "360CSI" approach in assisting police, empowering victims, and gaining the assistance of businesses to work as one to help victims of theft and solve more crime. 


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